Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recent news from Modernize: still going strong

Recent media coverage of tailor Renzo Montagliani's looming retirement has set our customers in a tizzy.

If Renzo is retiring, then Bill and Jack must be too.

Well, we haven't. Winding down, yes, but retiring -- we're not quite ready.

So come by the "new" shop at 5 West Pender in Vancouver and say hello to us and the new studio/workshop. And while your visiting, consider perusing a copy of the memoir/cookbook, Wong Family Feast.

WFF was written by our niece Joanna Claire Wong. It recounts our father's, Wong Kung Lai's, journey from the village of Sam Lok Lei in China to Vancouver and from working as a houseboy to becoming a master tailor.

And, of course, it tells the story of Modernize Tailors and the family that grew around it.

It also includes our favourite family recipes including Zoe Wong's Low Bak Gow Cake, turnip cake. If all this reading requires you to let your pants out, well, luckily you've come to the right place.


James said...

I recently watched the documentary "Tailormade" on the Knowledge network. I was enthralled by the people and their story. I felt compelled to visit Modernize tailors to see if I could meet the amazing Bill Wong. The documentary was done 7 years ago, so I thought to myself, "don't get your hopes up." To my amazement, when I showed up on a Saturday morning and phoned, a gracious young lady answered the phone, and buzzed me in. To my everlasting delight, a few minutes later, Bill and his wife, Zoe showed up. It was as if time has stood still for them. Bill was as engaging as he appeared in the documentary. Bill's son Stephen showed me Bill's published memoir, and I got the wonderful opportunity to talk to Bill and Zoe. Alas, my 4yo daughter is very active and expressed her displeasure at being still for too long. The visit was much too short, but I believe I will take Bill's offer to "modernize" one of my old suits, and come for a another visit. Thanks, Bill!


James Chow

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