Friday, September 15, 2006

Some thoughts on picking the right tailor

Here's a recent customer query:

Dear Modernize Tailors:

I'm only hearing good comments about Modernize Tailors. Now I've never had a suit custom made and I'm wondering how much we are talking about. I might contact a few tailors in Vancouver and compare.

And it occurs to the tailors at Modernize that choosing a tailor based on price is a paramount thing -- suits cost money.

But there are other factors to consider - here was our answer:

Price is always an issue when choosing a tailor but having good
relationship, sharing a vision of what will be created, proper counsel
(good tailors can provide an excellent education in male dress and
always are ready to learn from insightful clients), and good communication
all in all are very important and will have an impact on your sense of satisfaction and an impact on the fit,in the end.

So, if you have not picked a tailor yet, keep these intangibles in mind.

Yes, it's true. Feeling good in a suit is the most important thing in a tailoring experience and if you have confidence, trust, and a sense of satisfaction from your interaction with your tailor, as Bill says, "You'll always look good."


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